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Dr A.J Rusi el Hassani


Supervisor of Applied Physics Laboratory




Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland.

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Zurich, Suisse



Dr A.J. Rusi el Hassani is the Supervisor of the Applied Physics Laboratory and co-responsible of the Bioelectromagnetic group at the Faculty of Sciences & Techniques.  Before he was Professor at the Mohamed V University, ‘Ecole Mohammadia d’Ingénieurs

. He has worked on a variety of projects in his 18-year career in atomic, nuclear and particle physics.  He is an experimental physicist working on studies of elementary particles and their interactions.  Dr A.J. Rusi el Hassani  has worked at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETHZ  for many years on the pionic atom experiments, which for the first time, the L X rays in pionic ³He and 4He and their intensities were measured with high accuracy. It was possible to determine the strong widths of the 2p level of these pionic atoms directly and also the P° yield from the charge exchange reaction at rest P¯ + ³He → P° + ³H was measured.  Dr Rusi el Hassani  has constructed the  novel type of neutral pion P° detector. The principal requirements on the detector is low sensitivity to background radiation witch consists mainly of low energy gamma rays and neutrons. Dr Rusi el Hassani is currently involved in an experiment at Paul Scherrer Institut  sponsored by the collaboration., where a large number of Pion mesons are produced. He has authored or co-authored over 40 scientific and technical publications. And also many literature publications.